At the end of 2021

We started this year in Pemba in fear, and we are ending it in Nacala, fearless. Better circumstances and solved problems did not bring this change. What changed it, it was our trust in God and believing His Word more than anything we can reach for with our five senses. This is what this year was exactly for us – restored peace. The pease which is the basis for our reactions to what comes. We find it every day in Him, in deep and long breaths.

It could be only God, such a difficult year to turn into good. We are grateful for how He came to us in the midst of all that has happened. We are grateful for everyone who is with us. And since this is the end of the year, we want to talk about what God has done. By us and by all those who supported us with their presence, prayer and money.



One day we went for a walk in Pemba and met a family of IDPs (internally displaced persons) who run away from the northern parts of Mozambique as a result of terrorist attacks. First one. At the end of this year, we can say about 23 families to whom we brought food and good news several times.


From conversations and meetings with these families a desire was born to build houses for them. But it was our friends who encouraged us and after a year we can say about 6 houses built, in which 13 families live.


In the meantime, we had to suddenly leave Mozambique, and when we returned, we moved to another town, Nacala. But our previous experience and time allowed us to entrust the coordination of work in Pemba (building houses and providing food) to the first permanent employee of our ministry in Mozambique – Da Rua, whom we were able to bless in this way.


Behind the construction of houses there is something else, something not so obvious. But during this year, we also gave the opportunity to work for three different people who built houses, as well as a bricklayer who protects them against flooding. The same is true for the people we buy house building materials and food from. They are all also blessed with the work that is being done in Pemba!


This year, we shyly started a new project – sponsoring driving license courses. We did it for one person to see how it works. By investing in someone’s development, we give much more than just food. We give the opportunity to earn, which enables self-sufficiency. But, we also want to teach money management in this way. We pay for the course, official fees, exams, but we do not pay for a driving license card which is obtained after passing the exam. We want a person who joins the course from the beginning to have a plan to save for this expense.


In Nacala, along with two other missionaries, I started visiting a group of women in the village on a regular basis. For several years, missionaries have taught them to read, write and sew. When I joined them, I was able to teach about hygiene, and encouraged them to finish sewing their blouses by preparing a photo session and giving them printed photos from this session.

This year, a lot of good things happened, more than I describe here. But nothing would have happened if it were not for the people who support us financially. Some we know personally, others have heard about what we are doing and decided to join. It is a great joy for us that so many people want to love with us in Mozambique! We still cannot believe this. Thank you very much.

(About all our activities you can read on the subpage Robimy ● We do.)

And we are already planning the new year. And in it, among others, reaching out to displaced people from the northern parts of the country who came to Nacala. I also want to continue working with the women in the village. We will continue to build houses in Pemba. But there is also a new idea. Idea about businesses. We plan to visit the families we help in Pemba and see how we could help them start earning money through their small businesses – fishing, farming, selling food, sewing, etc. It would give them self-sufficiency, or at least it could be a source of additional income. These are just sketches that appeared to us. We believe there will be more on the way. And that we will do it together!

But what we would like most is to experience in new areas how God’s Word does what it says. Do not fall below His standards in life, which He provided for us on the cross through Jesus’ death and resurrection. But live exactly as the Word of God promised. And we wish you the same. Take God at His Word and see what happens.

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