It’s okay

It’s okay that you are not them. It’s okay that you don’t know how to do things like they do. Or just not now. Or you can do things in a different way. Or you can do something else. It’s okay to live quietly. Not spectacular. Only to do the common things every day. Do not save the world on Monday mornings. After all, Someone has already done this.

It’s okay not to know which way to live. To have more questions than answers. To lose the meaning of now. To observe yourself from a distance. And to have no conclusions. No strength to change. It’s okay to be lost and live life only to the bare minimum. After all, Someone already has the answer.

It’s okay not to be able to dodge when everything falls on your head. It’s okay to cry in helplessness. To cry every now and then. Do not know anything anymore. It’s okay not to be able to pull yourself together. React with the Word. Stand on promises. To lose sight of them. After all, Someone keeps each of them.

It’s okay for a while. Because times are different. Just be sure to call on Him. In every tear. In the next question. In the next non-response. With fresh cuts from bad words and self-thoughts echoing them. It’s okay to ask for help from a human who is already whole. After all, Someone made him/her like that.

Broken. It’s okay not to be a hero. Someone is him for you.

The way you are, come to God. And come to Him only for real. Someone like Him traverses hearts anyway.

God is. On one your thought towards Him.

It’s okay that you are not them. People you think about – they are successful and happy. You are beyond compare.

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