More mindful

That day we were waking a lot, from the base to the lighthouse and back. This road is red, like all roads in Mozambique. And hot, like most days in an year. Usually is quiet as well, not often it is possible to meet there someone. First you will pass villas with high walls, couple of restaurants, and then you enter in a nice space of trees by both sides of the road and an absence of people. Only sometimes it is possible to meet there Mozambicans who sit in shades of the trees and sell food or hide themselves from heat.

That day I needed silence. And a walk. But in Mozambique when you walk almost everyone wants to talk to you. Get to know you. Greet. Sell. Especially when your skin is different. But I, determined that day, wanted both – a long walk and a rest. That’s why when I saw a little girl by the road, I just passed her without looking at her. I even didn’t know if she was looking at me. Two steps later I heard His voice:

– She felt  u n s e e n.

In my thoughts flashed all those moments when I felt the same. Omitted. Average. Not worth attention. The moments in which I spoke and I knew that no one listens, even when he looks in my direction. In the past and recently. And this unpleasant feeling accompanying being missed. The feeling that was in this girl right now. He allow me to feel her emotions. He gave me compassion.

But one second later, He took away this emotion and let me feel His love. This absolute interest in me, regardless of whether I am someone or nobody for others. He comforted me.

– Turn back. She’s waiting. Be for her who I am for you. Show Me to her. Love her – He said.

I turned back. She stood alone in the middle of the road, watching us. When I looked at her, disbelief was at her face, quickly changing into pure childlike joy. On this road she was waiting for my look. She was waiting for my attention. I waved to her and shouted a few words. She was waving back, laughing. She almost jumped from the sense of meaning. She has become important.

Through this little episode, He taught me a lot. About mindfulness that produces meaning. About listening to the Holy Spirit and obedience. A simple loving from a place of rest.

Mindfulness discovers the invisible. Heals the unnoticed. Raises the unheeded. And it changes theirs names. It makes the meaningless becomes the important. It moves from a place of insignificance to a place of meaning. It discovers God’s thoughts, intentions of the Almighty towards them – destined to be loved by Him. Intended to be His.

Holy Spirit is the best. He knows all thoughts. And hearts. Interested to respond to the sadness of not being noticed of a little girl somewhere in far Mozambique, which is so close for Him.

He keeps talking to those who listen to Him. He still sees those in need. And He crosses their paths beautifully, for the glory of the Most High.

Sometimes loving is extremely simple. Like to pay attention to a little girl standing by the road. Like a greeting. Like a smile. And waving your hand. And more, it does not bother you in taking a rest – because it is just looking at the Father and repeating what He does. It is an answer with obedience to God’s voice. It is walking the way He has already prepared.

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