Nobody noticed her except me. As if she came only to let me know: I am. This happened while we were painting their nails. Eight Makua women and us two. And children, it is not known whether theirs or their neighbors. A lot of kids. Bowls of water, towels, soaps. It smelled there like dust, […]

Paper house

House made from cardboard boxes. We build them for our children to play they are adults. We found one in the area we live. But it’s not a toy, it’s someone’s home. And everything they have. A married couple with seven children live there, another family of internally displaced people. A roof made from a […]


God always loves first. Without His love, there would be no death and resurrection of Jesus. Without His love, we would not be beautifully whole – because of wounds, looking for our own and looking under our own feet. Without revelation of His love, we would not be able to love Him and others (1 […]

More mindful

That day we were waking a lot, from the base to the lighthouse and back. This road is red, like all roads in Mozambique. And hot, like most days in an year. Usually is quiet as well, not often it is possible to meet there someone. First you will pass villas with high walls, couple […]