Take God at His Word

“You will have the year you believe in.” (You will have what you believe is yours. You will have what you take from the Word. What you believe in my Word, you will experience.)

For many years now I have been used to asking God at the beginning of each year what this coming one will be about. This time I heard: you will have the year you believe in. These words touched my heart very much. So much that I would like to consider them a little bit with you. These words are a continuation of everything that God puts within me more intensively in the last months, but in years already I count how little by little He has prepared me for this intensity.

Each of His promises is a promise of a future that can happen. And it will happen when I believe that the One who has promised me is faithful. I leave all my personal promises for a while. I am talking about those that are written in God’s Word so that we do not doubt what His will is for us.

What He said to me is spreading inside me, and I am growing out of it. Because I have been walking for a long, long time with this Word of God which does what it says. With that clear awareness that passed from my head to my heart a little. That I can experience everything that He promises. No exceptions, which I am used to explaining with the experience of not becoming. The question grew to the limit in me, until it didn’t fit inside anymore. It came out. Question: What if I would believe Him only every day? Not experience, not circumstances. If His Word were my first and last reaction.

Well, in one sentence: you have what you believed.

In single little things that sum up into a lifetime.

In specific situations, it is very practical. Jo has a fever. Reaction? We were healed with His wounds. And for parents, God’s peace is beyond understanding. We do not have money. Reaction? We ask, believe that we have already received, we are waiting for the manifestation. Or, we put our hand to something and God bless it. There is no patience. Reaction? Hey, patience is a fruit of the Holy Spirit so I already have patience. I take it.

This is my reaction with God’s Word to everything that comes. Just like that, right away. Not… oh, I have to pray for that tonight or this week. And then I will forget and in the meantime I will not believe His promises even once. I will react like any other person who has never known God.

I am sad and ashamed to discover that my reactions in many cases are simply habits formed long ago, not changed by His Word. Always the same way, until they became part of me, with a blurred edge. And it should not be like that.

I can look at any situation in this reality and react to it according to the principles from here and, pay attention, I have results from here. But I can see what is still invisible, what He promised, respond with the Word, and have Kingdom results. So easy. But in everyday life it is a revolution.

And what affects me the most – my choice. The promise is there, waiting. Real, always working. In each of my situations, there is both death and life ahead of me. And God tells you: choose life so that you may live. And I can just do it. Nobody else decides about it. It is not a complicated dependence of the world’s system, economy, medicine, psychology – it is my choice of life.

I’m in Mozambique in early 2022. With a lot of problems and not knowing what will happen. And I take God at His Word, so that I will have a year according to the promises He made. Imagine what an year it could be! For everyone. According to what we believe. According to what will become our first reaction.

I pray like this: Enlarge us with the Word. To the amazement that this world exists.

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