In Mozambique, a potato is precious. That’s why how you share a potato, it is how you love. When you go to the kitchen for your plate of rice and beans, you hope it will be there. Usually half, when whole – this is heaven. You’re looking it in your plate. More! You’ve been following […]


God always loves first. Without His love, there would be no death and resurrection of Jesus. Without His love, we would not be beautifully whole – because of wounds, looking for our own and looking under our own feet. Without revelation of His love, we would not be able to love Him and others (1 […]

More mindful

That day we were waking a lot, from the base to the lighthouse and back. This road is red, like all roads in Mozambique. And hot, like most days in an year. Usually is quiet as well, not often it is possible to meet there someone. First you will pass villas with high walls, couple […]


I have no words. It’s because of goodbyes. And yet, when I left Gdansk, I was so afraid that it would take me a long time to build new close relationships. In Gdansk I lived for ten years and left there many friends. But when I shared with God my fears, He promised that wherever […]

The invisibles

Sometimes it is enough to notice another man. This is probably the most important lesson I have learned in India. I could not cope with the fact that we were so short in each place. In the morning here, in the afternoon there. Orphanages, school, professional activism centers for Muslims, services, community meetings, lessons in […]


Mom was the first person who taught me how to love. When I close my eyes, I see her hands – full and warm, covering my face. This image, from childhood I carry in me. The memory of that first intimacy she gave me. Mom was always with me, and still is. The passing years […]